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Shadows of
Forgotten Ancestors

Film Titles, motion, character animation, stop motion, cut-out

Final sequence
The main part of this film project ‘To set the Mood’ at the Art School Weissensee in Berlin was to design a title sequence for a favourite film, book or an original story. I took a film by Armenian director Sergej Paradzhanov ‘Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors’. Using paper cut-outs I tried to reflect the atmosphere and roughness of the Carpathian Ukraine but at the same time the lyrics of everyday life there. This animation was exhibited as a finalist at the International Biennale ‘Golden Bee 9’ in Moscow, Russia in 2010 in the category Graphic Design and New Media.

Music: Dakha Brakha

End of this sequence: start of the original film by Sergej Paradzhanov

Projection at Monster Truck Gallery, Dublin