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Hallucinations about the Dead Hand

Creative direction, motion graphics, ISTD, stage design

The aspect of Fakery as a response to ISTD brief 2011 which I investigated is that of theatrical scenographic illusion. The piece staged is the work of the Surrealist Luis Bunuel, ‘Hallucinations about a Dead Hand’ (1944).

The Surrealist movement famously deals with ideas of illusion, hyperreality and dreams, and it has influenced film, writers, philosophers, musicians. This script is a short story based on visual illusion and hallucinations, with an element of horror.

I created a typographic and visual interpretation of some parts of this text, which is intended to be used as a scenography for a Dance Theatre performance. This project has been awarded the ISTD Membership.

Music: Vera Reshto (for opening titles), Aaltovaihe, Max Richter.
Choreography: Kathleen Doherty, Mermaid Theatre.

Stage projection, dance interpretation