Sapi is a social awareness and discrimination platform that allows users to freely and anonymously upload stories as well as receive professional help. Accomplished at Modual Workshop July 2016, in collaboration with Gaby Rosillo, Henry Badrick, Holly Jones #tellsapi. Vimeo link

Generation Rent

Generation Rent is looking for new ways to talk about the housing crisis in London and is trying to empower people to vote for the candidate that helps bring in changes to help improve the housing crisis. In collaboration with Michelle Mildenberg, Eugene Tan.

Love is...

Love is... is a workshop as part of the LGBTQ Love Throughout History night at the British Museum, in collaboration with Mina Bach. The audience was invited to discuss what love is, inspired by the work and personal life of artists Hedwig Marquardt and Augusta Kaiser. The members of the audience were invited to cutomise their own postcard by combining the icons together to send to their loved one or to put in the love post box to become part of an online collection at Workshop at British Museum, London, 12 February 2016.

Theatre of Illusion

Motion piece for the immersive installation "Theatre of Illusion" at the Royal Academy Late Event Venetian Magic. The installation evoked the time of the Venetian Renaissance. Exhibited at Royal Art Academy Lates, as part of The Age of Giorgione exhibition, London, 14 May 2016. Vimeo link

Films from the Southern Mediterranian

Produced by Access Cinema, the festival aims to increase the visibility of films from this diverse and complex region, contributing to the cultural dialogue and the mutual understanding between Ireland and the South Mediterranean countries. The identity and promotional material were developed while at Detail.Design Studio, Ireland. The logo is formed using an abstract combination of country maps creating an integrated 'bloom' graphic.

Promotional video for "I Was There" project

Promotional video for "I Was There" project.

Knack App

BBC Design Sprint Workshop at Central Saint Martins, UAL, 2016. At this weeklong workshop I had an opportunity to learn and put into practice a design cycle for the creation of digital service as practiced by the User Experience & Design team at the BBC. Knack is an app that connects students to other students within UAL in order to pull together creative knowledge or skill sets. In collaboration with Clara Koh, Ruby Boddington, Dimitris Rapos. Vimeo link


Visual identity for the educational Theatre+Body physical dance platfrom.

Market Nursery website and illustrations

The series of digital illustrations were developed for the Market Nursery website.

Korniag Theatre

Commissioned identity work for Korniag Theatre, print, web, UX, UI

Korniag Theatre

Digital publication for Korniag Theatre at Issuu

TFL illustrations / Motion

Series of illustrations and motion pieces, accomplished while working with the TFL experience design team.

Fortnum and Mason newsletters

Weekly email newsletters designed for Fortnum and Mason.


The work on the project Travesties was done while at Detail.Design Studio. This play by Tom Stoppard ‘Travesties’ is a surreal comedy which brings together various famous personalities of twentieth century including Lenin, James Joyce and Tristan Tzara.

Yako Beauty

This promotional Instagram video was created for Yako Beauty with the emphasis on the natural ingredients of the hair cream.


Promotional poster, flyers and leaflets for EVERYTHNG, designed according to existing brand guidelines.

NDRC Report

Printed report for NDRC (National Digital Research Centre, Dublin), developed using already existing template and visual identity.

Illustrations for Ogham Stone magazine

Digital and linocut Illustrations for Ogham Stone magazine, Spring 2016.